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Creating wonder since 2012.


Residential/Support Lead

Jodi heads our Support experience. She serves as a composed and knowledgeable resource for our clients when they’re most in need of clarity and understanding. Her calmness in the face of chaos and her ability to build incredible rapport with someone in a very short amount of time is always a wonderful thing to behold. She also works to instill those ideals throughout the fabric of the company by building a real culture.

Jodi’s passion for helping people understand technology is too refreshing to be confined to words on a screen, so she also heads our Residential experience. She’ll probably be the one coming to your house to help you organize your Photos or get Family Sharing all sorted out. She has four kids of her own, so she can totally relate.



Technical Lead

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, Hamlin probably knows about some way to fix it. You can just tell his answers are hard-won from 13 years of frontline problem-solving experience in the trenches. Hamlin's the one you go to when you want to really figure out the root cause of an issue.

Hamlin's attention to detail and ability to understand complex information is second to none, but he’s not just a prodigy of problem solving, standing quietly in the corner ready to be deployed. He’s an exceptional communicator. The expert calmness and clarity with which he speaks is only eclipsed by his innate ability to deeply relate with whomever he’s working. Need a partner for a round of disc golf? Hamlin's your guy. He'd probably even bring some of his home brewed coffee for you to sip on the course if you asked him nicely.




Andrew started Wondermint in 2012 on the idea that anyone can learn to use technology to enhance their life. In 2017 he asked a few friends to join him. They said yes.